Here are all the Let's Plays your favorite Nerds have put together to help guide you through some of your favorite games.


Assassin's Creed: Origins

Welcome to a Nerdentials Let's Play! Featuring your nerd host Joe! Join him in this deep dive into ancient Egypt!

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Destiny 2

Welcome to the Nerdentials Let's Plays of Destiny 2 and its DLC! Enjoy the story gameplay as your favorite hosts shoot their way to Glory


Embers of Mirrim

Welcome to Nerdentials! Our first look into this new and beautiful action-adventure platformer, Embers of Mirrim. Kick back with your host Joe, A.K.A. Blustreek as he jumps into his first platform game in a while!


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Welcome to a Nerdentials Let's Play of Skyrim! Join fellow nerd Keven A.K.A. ItzWatermelone as he plays through the specials edition with a few MODS.


Far Cry 5

Welcome to a Nerdentials Let's Play! This week, your nerd host Joe is taking a break from the desert in AC: Origins...and jumping into a new game that just came out... FAR CRY 5! Come check out the mayhem in this latest release from Ubisoft!


Sea of Thieves

Welcome Gamers, to another Nerdentials Let's Play! This time its Pirate season and your favorite Red-Bearded Nerd Host Matthew has hit the high seas with his partner in crime Kev! Find out what sort of treasures await this 2 as they make their official first steps into a new world!


Mass Effect: Andromeda

Welcome to Nerdentials! Our First "Deep-Cuts" Playthrough of Mass Effect Andromeda! That's right folks! Join your host Joe as he tries a Completionist first run in this new Let's Play Series!



Welcome to Nerdentials first "Let's Play" with the theme of Scary games for the month of October! Gearing Up for Halloween! Join your host Joe A.K.A. "Blustreek" as he plays through "Outlast" Enjoy!