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Episode 29: Did These Shows End Too Soon? A Tale of Dead Franchises

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Welcome to Nerdentials! Your weekly dose of the nerdy essentials. Covering Film, TV, Video Games and Comics. This week, the 4 nerds all meet up for a lively discussion suggested by one of our listeners! We dive into the topic of shows that got cancelled or ended too soon...and which ones we wish would come back!

We also decided that it was such a great topic we hopped into video games and game franchises that suffered the same fate!

Episode 6: Dark Towers, Darksiders and a World without Light

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Join us today nerds in your morning comute as our friend and guest from Geekologist Radio, Chris A.K.A. Twowolvzz joins us and we  introduce a new Nerdentials Crew Member Nick!  as we first jump into
(06:53) Movie Matters and Cover
(07:30) Fate of the Furious
(25:28) Guardians of the Galaxy. 
(36:50) Dark Tower

Then Join us as we dive a little deeper into the new series Inhumans coming to ABC in our Tv Talk (00:47:38)
Then get excited in Gaming Bits: (01:09:50) as we gush over a thought to be dead franchise with Darksiders and what could a "World without light" mean in Destiny 2 (01:20:45)


Episode 5: Censoring the Sensory Overload

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Sit back and join us this week for a slightly longer cast as we kick off with Movie Matters: (00:07:36) We get a little hyped over Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (Trailer)The Dive passionately into
- Avengers Infinity Wars  00:28:40
- Cable in Dead Pool 2 00:35:55
Then We hop on with DCEU Shifting it's Line-Up (00:45:25)
- Black Adam News
- Joss Whedon and Batgirl
- Gotham City Sirens
- Nightwing
- The Batman
We Briefly look over a couple thing with TV Talk: (01:13:20)
- Defenders Talk
- Cloak & Dagger
- Paul gushes over MST3k (Mystery Science Theatre 3000)
Then a long finish we dive heavy into our week of Gaming Bits: (01:23:00)

Josh - Persona 5
Paul - That One Game
Joe - Diablo 3
Geoff - D&D Presentation.

Episode 2: The Long Cast with a Little Cajun Heat

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Sit back for a long cast this time around as our friend CauCajun Saint from Geekologist Radio joins us in our discussions!

First up its:
Movie Matters with Logan and Beauty and the Beasts reviews.
Then We Hit up TV Talk and take a look at the Netflix Original Series Iron Fist and our first impressions. Then we Finish the last half of the cast with:
Gaming Bits. We dive into each guys game of the week with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Final Fantasy 15 and Mass Effect Andromeda then we finally wrap it all up with
What's Coming Up: 
We peel back the layers and details on a couple sequels: Injustice 2 and Middle Earth: Shadows of War and a little bit of Destiny 2 Chatter.