Episode 51: Year In Review - Top TV and Movie Picks of 2018

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Welcome to Nerdentials! Your weekly dose of the nerdy essentials. Covering Film, TV, Video Games and Comics.

This Week Nerds your hosts, Joe, Matt, Nick and Lynn go over their top 3 picks for TV and MOVIES from 2018! It's Our Year in Review!

Episode 35: Predator, The Magicians, Krypton, Lost in Space | Nerdentials Podcast

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Welcome to Nerdentials! Your weekly dose of the nerdy essentials. Covering Film, TV, Video Games and Comics. The Nerds talk a couple movie trailers like the Predator and Mortal Engines...Then we review and reflect on some recent tv programming with The Magicians, Ash Vs Evil Dead, Lost in Space, Krypton and YouTube Red's Cobra Kai! 

Episode 31: Thieves and Suburban Zombies |Nerdentials Podcast

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Hey Nerds! This week Joe, Matt, Nick and Lynn are joined by guest Stitch fellow nerd and friend to chat about the latest in nerdom! 

Nick finally checked out Thor: Ragnarok which bolsters another discussion on Infinity War...don’t worry folks...only for a few minutes then Nick also checked out Alien Covenant. 

Briefly we talk about Marvel pulling down the Deadpool Animated series for FX. Then Matt talks about losing his faith in Riverdale? Listen to find out why. 

Then our guest Stitch talks about catching up on some Avengers animated series looking for clues about Infinity War. 

The boys then dive into a spoiler free take with our review of the Netflix original series Santa Clarita Diet Season 2! Boy is it killer one! Then our general feelings on Sea of Thieves and it’s many wonders! 

Episode 29: Did These Shows End Too Soon? A Tale of Dead Franchises

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Welcome to Nerdentials! Your weekly dose of the nerdy essentials. Covering Film, TV, Video Games and Comics. This week, the 4 nerds all meet up for a lively discussion suggested by one of our listeners! We dive into the topic of shows that got cancelled or ended too soon...and which ones we wish would come back!

We also decided that it was such a great topic we hopped into video games and game franchises that suffered the same fate!

Episode 24: Disney Controlling Our Childhood: A Tale of Uncertainty

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This week we we are joined by Guest Nick Hayes of The Geekologist Radio Podcast! We kick off the show with "The Weekly Dose" hitting hot news topics like the Disney Fox Buy Out...Then we slide into a list of binge worthy shows as Nick Guides us Through The Punisher, The Defenders, and Ash VS The Evil Dead. Then our Guest Nick Hayes from Geekologist Radio dives into his feelings with Matt on the mid season break of The Walking Dead. Listen to these topics and more as your favorite Nerds laugh their way to the finish line!

Episode 23: Future Man, The Mist And Net Neutrality?

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Sit back as we kick things off with a little Quick Fire news on Amazon getting the rights to make a Lord of the Rings TV show and HBO picking up Watchmen as well. Then Nick catches us up on Star Trek: Discovery and Joe and Nick continue praising Seth Macfarlanes The Orville. 

Lynn throws us back to some favorite shows from the past including, Friends, New Girl, How I Met Your Mother and then recommends The Crown. We finish off the show with both a review of Hulu original series  Future Man from Nick and Stephen King's The Mist series from Joe. 

Episode 21: Stranger Things Part 1 - Deep Cuts Edition

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Welcome to Nerdentials! Your weekly dose of the Nerdy essentials! This week your Nerds dive long and hard into a Deep-Cuts edition of the love letter to the 80's and one of our favorite shows of 2017! First the spoiler free Review! Then full episode dissection! sit back and enjoy part 1! Part 2 is just around the corner!

Episode 17: The Pre-Sequel Reviews...Horror Edition

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This week...3rd week in a row to be exact! Joe, Nick, Lynn and the returning Mr. Geoff Barry dig deep into the horror classic "IT" from the King of long winded story telling himself...Mr. Stephen King! Then Joe talks why the Pre-Sequel Annabelle: Creation made him squirm more than the Clown of our childhood.

Episode 11: Our New Short-Cast News-Cast

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First up this week the boys talk over the various video games we've been in...such as Diablo 3 and it's new DLC the Necromancer! Destiny shenanigans....Some Stardew Valley from Mr Barry and some classic hits from Sir Nicholas like, Legend of Dragoon!

Then in TV Talk Matt gushes over his binge watching of Riverdale and Travelers and Joe hit the Film to Tv adaptation of Limitless. Sit back and enjoy this round of Nerdy Conversation!

Episode 10: Wonder Woman a Mummy and a Crazy Travelers Riverdale

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We Kick things off with a little Movie Matters and go over:
(04:22) Wonder Woman
(31:00) Man Vs. 
(38:00) The Mummy
(50:15) Transformers: The Last Knight
The We binged a few shows these last couple weeks with:
Tv Talk:
(01:05:50) Prison Break
(01:13:00) Travelers
(01:24:00) Riverdale

Episode 5: Censoring the Sensory Overload

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Sit back and join us this week for a slightly longer cast as we kick off with Movie Matters: (00:07:36) We get a little hyped over Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (Trailer)The Dive passionately into
- Avengers Infinity Wars  00:28:40
- Cable in Dead Pool 2 00:35:55
Then We hop on with DCEU Shifting it's Line-Up (00:45:25)
- Black Adam News
- Joss Whedon and Batgirl
- Gotham City Sirens
- Nightwing
- The Batman
We Briefly look over a couple thing with TV Talk: (01:13:20)
- Defenders Talk
- Cloak & Dagger
- Paul gushes over MST3k (Mystery Science Theatre 3000)
Then a long finish we dive heavy into our week of Gaming Bits: (01:23:00)

Josh - Persona 5
Paul - That One Game
Joe - Diablo 3
Geoff - D&D Presentation.

Episode 2: The Long Cast with a Little Cajun Heat

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Sit back for a long cast this time around as our friend CauCajun Saint from Geekologist Radio joins us in our discussions!

First up its:
Movie Matters with Logan and Beauty and the Beasts reviews.
Then We Hit up TV Talk and take a look at the Netflix Original Series Iron Fist and our first impressions. Then we Finish the last half of the cast with:
Gaming Bits. We dive into each guys game of the week with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Final Fantasy 15 and Mass Effect Andromeda then we finally wrap it all up with
What's Coming Up: 
We peel back the layers and details on a couple sequels: Injustice 2 and Middle Earth: Shadows of War and a little bit of Destiny 2 Chatter.