Episode 38: Nerds Present - E3 2018 Highlights | Nerdentials Podcast

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Welcome to Nerdentials! Your weekly dose of the nerdy essentials. Covering Film, TV, Video Games and Comics. Better late than never...right? Anywho! We finally discuss what happened at the Electronic Entertainment Expo...we got long winded with Xbox and Microsoft coverage that we'll return with a shorter episode covering Sony and Nintendo on the next one! Enjoy! 

Episode 9: Wrapping it Up and Spitting it Out

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We spit out in rapid fire mode the following titles and our Nerdy thoughts! 

Spider-man, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, God of War, Days Gone, Shadow of Colossus, Detroit: Become Human, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Beyond Good and Evil.  
Then we cruise on out of here with a little Nintendo coverage:
 00:38:20 Nintendo Conference
-Super Mario Odyssey
-Metroid Prime 4
 00:42:50 The Actual Wrap up!