Episode 5: Censoring the Sensory Overload

Episode 5.JPEG


Sit back and join us this week for a slightly longer cast as we kick off with Movie Matters: (00:07:36) We get a little hyped over Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (Trailer)The Dive passionately into
- Avengers Infinity Wars  00:28:40
- Cable in Dead Pool 2 00:35:55
Then We hop on with DCEU Shifting it's Line-Up (00:45:25)
- Black Adam News
- Joss Whedon and Batgirl
- Gotham City Sirens
- Nightwing
- The Batman
We Briefly look over a couple thing with TV Talk: (01:13:20)
- Defenders Talk
- Cloak & Dagger
- Paul gushes over MST3k (Mystery Science Theatre 3000)
Then a long finish we dive heavy into our week of Gaming Bits: (01:23:00)

Josh - Persona 5
Paul - That One Game
Joe - Diablo 3
Geoff - D&D Presentation.