Episode 38: Nerds Present - E3 2018 Highlights | Nerdentials Podcast

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Welcome to Nerdentials! Your weekly dose of the nerdy essentials. Covering Film, TV, Video Games and Comics. Better late than never...right? Anywho! We finally discuss what happened at the Electronic Entertainment Expo...we got long winded with Xbox and Microsoft coverage that we'll return with a shorter episode covering Sony and Nintendo on the next one! Enjoy! 

Episode 37: The Rise and Fall of Sega...and Sony Handhelds Were Good? | Nerdentials Podcast

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Welcome to Nerdentials! Your weekly dose of the nerdy essentials. Covering Film, TV, Video Games and Comics. This week we bring you the first of many mini-sodes, where sometimes a tangent from a previous recording ended up being a full topic! 

This time we discuss The rise and fall of Sega as a hardware company and then reminisce on whether Sony handhelds were good or not.

Episode 34: Destiny 2 - The Pros and Cons of Warmind | Nerdentials Podcast

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Welcome to Nerdentials! Your weekly dose of the nerdy essentials. Covering Film, TV, Video Games and Comics. We know it's a little late but we wanted to still cover the previous content from Destiny 2! This week 3 of your nerd hosts dive into our thoughts and feelings on the second Expansion for D2...Warmind!

Episode 31: Thieves and Suburban Zombies |Nerdentials Podcast

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Hey Nerds! This week Joe, Matt, Nick and Lynn are joined by guest Stitch fellow nerd and friend to chat about the latest in nerdom! 

Nick finally checked out Thor: Ragnarok which bolsters another discussion on Infinity War...don’t worry folks...only for a few minutes then Nick also checked out Alien Covenant. 

Briefly we talk about Marvel pulling down the Deadpool Animated series for FX. Then Matt talks about losing his faith in Riverdale? Listen to find out why. 

Then our guest Stitch talks about catching up on some Avengers animated series looking for clues about Infinity War. 

The boys then dive into a spoiler free take with our review of the Netflix original series Santa Clarita Diet Season 2! Boy is it killer one! Then our general feelings on Sea of Thieves and it’s many wonders! 

Episode 25: Destiny 2 - Curse of the Battlefront Blues

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This week your hosts, Joe, Matt, Nick and Lynn are joined once again by guest Nick Hayes of the Geekologist Radio Podcast! The Nerds circle 'round the table to discuss recent gaming obsessions...little bit of PUBG and Fortnite chatter...then we swing into heart felt thoughts and concerns on Destiny 2's first DLC, Curse of Osiris! Then the team shifts on over to the divisively fan split title Star Wars: Battlefront 2! Kick back and enjoy!

Episode 18: PUBG...Gets Schwifty with that Szechuan Sauce

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This week Joe, Nick and Lynn are Joined once again by Geoff to discuss the Controversy of PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground's) concerns towards big brother Epic Games and their version of the Battle Royale game mode in Fortnite. And  of course we can't start our show without a little banter and maybe some not so secret love for a Mad Scientist and his bewildered grandson sidekick. Rick and Morty Style...   

Episode 9: Wrapping it Up and Spitting it Out

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We spit out in rapid fire mode the following titles and our Nerdy thoughts! 

Spider-man, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, God of War, Days Gone, Shadow of Colossus, Detroit: Become Human, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Beyond Good and Evil.  
Then we cruise on out of here with a little Nintendo coverage:
 00:38:20 Nintendo Conference
-Super Mario Odyssey
-Metroid Prime 4
 00:42:50 The Actual Wrap up!