Detroit Become Human

Episode 65: Spider-Man Far From Home, Disney's Ariel Casting, Good Girls, Akira Adaptation

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This week your Nerd hosts, Joe and Lynn kick off things with some hot nerd news! We go over our feelings on the casting for Disney's Live action adaptation.

We cover Spider-Man: Far From Home's record box office numbers. Lynn gives some scoops on the new Bill and Ted film and topping Movie matters off, we discuss Taika Waititi's pursuit for an all Japanese Cast for the Akira Live action film.

In TV Talk Joe reviews Good Girls and...thats about it.

Then the boys finish off with Gaming Bits and review a few titles, like, Steamworld Dig 2, Detroit Become Human and Void Bastards.

Episode 9: Wrapping it Up and Spitting it Out

Episode 9.JPEG

We spit out in rapid fire mode the following titles and our Nerdy thoughts! 

Spider-man, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, God of War, Days Gone, Shadow of Colossus, Detroit: Become Human, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Beyond Good and Evil.  
Then we cruise on out of here with a little Nintendo coverage:
 00:38:20 Nintendo Conference
-Super Mario Odyssey
-Metroid Prime 4
 00:42:50 The Actual Wrap up!