Destiny 2

Episode 67: Rocko's Modern Life, Lucifer Season 4, Destiny and the Future of Gaming

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Welcome to Nerdentials! Your weekly dose of the nerdy essentials. Covering Film, TV, Video Games and Comics.

This week your nerd hosts Joe, Lynn and Nick cover all 3 segments! First up its Movie Matters. Nick and Lynn give us their review on the Netflix Original Movie, Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling.

Then in TV Talk...Nick and Joe recap their feelings on the first 3 seasons of Fox's Lucifer. Then give a full, very spoiler-tastic review of Season 4, that was picked up by Netflix.

Finishing off this weeks episode in Gaming Bits...Lynn kicks off a few points regarding the gaming industry. Bioware's Future with Anthem and Bungie's future with Destiny now that they are an independent studio.

Episode 58: Resident Evil 2 Remake, State of Destiny 2 and Anthem?

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Welcome to Nerdentials! Your weekly dose of the nerdy essentials. Covering Film, TV, Video Games and Comics.

This week in Gaming Bits, your nerd hosts Joe, Nick and Lynn cover 3 major topics. First off we give our initial thoughts on the One-Shot Demo of Resident Evil 2 Remake. We discuss the differences between the Remake and it's 1998 original.

Then we get Lynn's thoughts on the Bungie-Activision Split and let him unfold his overall feelings on the current state of the game as being one of our consistent Destiny Players.

Then we wrap the show up with a discussion of BioWare's newest IP, Anthem and it's initial Demo Release. The Good, the Bad...will this kill Destiny? Sit back and enjoy the nerdy banter!

Episode 43: James Gunn to Direct Suicide Squad 2, Insatiable, Riverdale Season 3, Jim Carry's Kidding

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Welcome to Nerdentials! Your weekly dose of the nerdy essentials. Covering Film, TV, Video Games and Comics.

This week your hosts, Joe, Matt, Nick and Lynn kick things off with our thoughts on DC Warner Bros picking up James Gunn to write and maybe Direct the next Suicide Squad...

Then shortly after Joe loses connection and the rest of the crew carry on without him by giving you a variety of topics!

From Jim Carry's New SHOWTIME series Kidding to Disney's Live action adaptation of Aladdin. To Thoughts on Netflix's Insatiable and the first impressions of Riverdale Season 3. Then the guys finish things off with some current Destiny 2: Forsaken talk!

Episode 36: Destiny 2 - Forsaken | Nerdentials Podcast

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Welcome to Nerdentials, your weekly dose of the nerdy essentials, covering film, Tv, Video Games and comics....

This is the pilot episode for our new Destiny podcast and this week we dive into the reveal stream about the upcoming Fall expansion, Forsaken! 

Episode 34: Destiny 2 - The Pros and Cons of Warmind | Nerdentials Podcast

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Welcome to Nerdentials! Your weekly dose of the nerdy essentials. Covering Film, TV, Video Games and Comics. We know it's a little late but we wanted to still cover the previous content from Destiny 2! This week 3 of your nerd hosts dive into our thoughts and feelings on the second Expansion for D2...Warmind!

Episode 25: Destiny 2 - Curse of the Battlefront Blues

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This week your hosts, Joe, Matt, Nick and Lynn are joined once again by guest Nick Hayes of the Geekologist Radio Podcast! The Nerds circle 'round the table to discuss recent gaming obsessions...little bit of PUBG and Fortnite chatter...then we swing into heart felt thoughts and concerns on Destiny 2's first DLC, Curse of Osiris! Then the team shifts on over to the divisively fan split title Star Wars: Battlefront 2! Kick back and enjoy!

Episode 19: One Year Anniversary (The Unhinged Edition)

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Welcome to Nerdentials! Your weekly dose of the Nerdy essentials! 
Hey Nerds! This is our OFFICIAL ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY as Nerdentials! We started on Youtube then continued driving content in podcast form! So dive deep with us today in nostalgia and revery as we give nods to our roots and old and new crew members! 

Once we get into the meat and potatoes of this cast Joe and Josh cut their teeth on Warframe and it's new expansion "Plains of Eidolon" and Josh makes some comparisons from "Elite Dangerous" to "No Mans Sky" Nick picks up "Fable 1" for the first time and Matt talks a little "Destiny" but then admits he's been playing a little Playstation? with "Bloodbourne" in tow... and tried a little "Life is Strange"

In TV TALK we let Matt talk CW fall season premieres with "Arrow" and "The Flash" while Joe gives his "Catching Up" Thoughts on the first seasons of those shows and "Supergirl" Then we go really deep into some new shows. "The Orville" and "Star Trek: Discovery"
Then We review "Inhumans" and discuss our thoughts on the "New Mutants" trailer. 

Episode 6: Dark Towers, Darksiders and a World without Light

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Join us today nerds in your morning comute as our friend and guest from Geekologist Radio, Chris A.K.A. Twowolvzz joins us and we  introduce a new Nerdentials Crew Member Nick!  as we first jump into
(06:53) Movie Matters and Cover
(07:30) Fate of the Furious
(25:28) Guardians of the Galaxy. 
(36:50) Dark Tower

Then Join us as we dive a little deeper into the new series Inhumans coming to ABC in our Tv Talk (00:47:38)
Then get excited in Gaming Bits: (01:09:50) as we gush over a thought to be dead franchise with Darksiders and what could a "World without light" mean in Destiny 2 (01:20:45)