Episode 4: Reminiscing The Roots of Our Destiny

Episode 4.JPEG

Well Nerds...This week its Just your Hosts Matt and Joe! Sit back while we start by looking back out the roots of Nerdentials then Shift into a little News!

Movie Matters: 00:06:04
    ⁃    Assassins Creed
    ⁃    OculusTv Talk: 00:21:18
    ⁃    Iron Fist
    ⁃    Netflix Special (Louis C.K. 2017)
    ⁃    13 Reasons Why (33:42)

Gaming Bits: 00:40:00
    ⁃    Destiny 2Recommended Play: 01:03:50
    ⁃    The Walking Dead: New Frontier