Episode 2: The Long Cast with a Little Cajun Heat

Episode 2.JPEG

Sit back for a long cast this time around as our friend CauCajun Saint from Geekologist Radio joins us in our discussions!

First up its:
Movie Matters with Logan and Beauty and the Beasts reviews.
Then We Hit up TV Talk and take a look at the Netflix Original Series Iron Fist and our first impressions. Then we Finish the last half of the cast with:
Gaming Bits. We dive into each guys game of the week with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Final Fantasy 15 and Mass Effect Andromeda then we finally wrap it all up with
What's Coming Up: 
We peel back the layers and details on a couple sequels: Injustice 2 and Middle Earth: Shadows of War and a little bit of Destiny 2 Chatter.