Episode 40: Hyping Up Movie Trailers with Shazam, Aquaman, Glass, Godzilla, Fantastic Beasts and many More | Nerdentials Podcast

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I know its been a minute...maybe a month....sheesh! I know nerds...its bad! But we've been getting ready to move into a new studio location! So bare with us as we get ready for this FALL!

This week....its all about Hype and Trailer talk with the latest movies we're excited to see! We talk about DC's Shazam and Aquaman and whether or not they're the saving grace for the DCEU. Then we hop on M. Night Shyamalan's connected universe with the 3rd installment, Glass! Then we'll talk your Nerd Host Matt into understanding how awesome this new Kaiju universe will be with the second chapter, Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

Then some chatter over The second Fantastic Beasts Film and a cute little movie about a teenage girl befriending an alien robot...I mean The Newest Transformers flick, "Bumble Bee."